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    “Five years or so ago I fractured my back and starting going to Sue Territo for massage therapy.  As my back healed, I began doing yoga with her twice weekly.  I think she is brilliant.  I am completely pain free.  She has incredible knowledge and patience, and she is intuitively brilliant.  She will know at a glance what alignments are off, what adjustments need to be made.  I attribute all my agility and focus to my work with Sue.  I couldn’t live without her.”
    - Delia E. NY, NY

    “I’m a man who’s no longer young, but with Sue Territo’s help, I don’t usually remember that. Sue has managed to stretch me back to youth – and not only because of her skill, which is great. Her temperament, her manner, her focus, her pleasure in the work – these are her real gifts. And they make working with her something this young man always looks forward to.”
    - Jerry K. NY, NY

    "Sue Territo is a healer.  She uses aromatherapy, reiki, massage therapy and yoga to facilitate the body's natural instinct to heal itself. I have sought Sue's healing touch for athletic injuries, stress relief, and overall wellness.  I appreciate her intention and desire to not have to see you again, although, you'll want to find a reason to go back."
    - Adrienne A. Brooklyn, NY

    “Susan Territo has been my go-to woman for massage, yoga and helpful holistic living advice for seven years. Due to physical limitations and a lack of awareness of my body in movement, I find most class situations overwhelming -- but Susan always made me feel comfortable and safe and with her I learned the yoga basics to the point that I could do them with confidence. I would (and have!) recommend her to anyone looking for a supportive, nurturing and knowledgeable therapist.”
    - Lisabeth L. Bklyn, NY

    “One of the things I love about Susan and her approach to massage is her in-depth knowledge of the human body. This always makes me feel safe and comfortable. But what’s even more special is how she then combines this with a spiritual sensibility that takes her healing massage to an entirely different level.”
    - Justin M. RI

     “I’ve had a few massages with Susan (including a pre-natal one) and they have all been stellar!  Her massages are completely blissful AND healing – an all-around fantastic experience.”
    -Dalita K. NY, NY

    “I thought the pain in my neck and shoulder would never go away. I had completed 18 or so sessions of physical therapy and my health-insurance coverage would not cover any more treatment. Physical therapy had helped a great deal but I felt that my recovery was still not complete. My physical therapist suggested I try a medical massage and gave me Susan’s business card. I was skeptical but desperate, not wanting to live in pain indefinitely.

    After some three sessions of Susan’s bodywork, the pain in my neck and shoulder had gone away.  She has now moved on to fix an even older problem I have in my lower back, and this pain, too, has dissipated tremendously. I’m confident that Susan is on the right track to curing the imbalances in my muscular system.

    Susan is not only a highly skilled massage therapist but also an extremely intuitive practitioner of the healing arts (yoga, Reiki). A very special bonus to her massage therapy is the Young Living oils she uses freely and knowledgeably. Young Living is among the best makers of therapeutic-grade essential oils in the world.

    Susan has helped transform my sick and tired body into an open, supple, and breathing organism, for which I am most grateful. I now try to see her once a month to keep my body in balance.”
    - Lila D. NY, NY

    “I have worked with Sue for 8 years. In that time, she has given me focused, personalized, holistic care. She is a master at determining your individual needs and tailoring the session to those needs. From her use of essential oils to her expansive knowledge of healing techniques, she has been extremely essential for me.”
    - Ed O. Brooklyn, NY